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My campaign against defamation by the governmemt

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I have been living on the run since August 7th 2012
(more than nine months at the time of updating this page).

My life history has been rewritten on my official record (maliciously slandering me as a dangerous madman).
This abuse of unfetterd power and taxes resulted from the personal petty vendetta of local officials as a result of my criticism of them and my making an official complaint.
Government at a higher level (every bit as contrary, awkward and useless as their minions) has now chosen to entangle itself in this affair to the ends of scandal suppression.

This page summarises some issues.
When you understand the overall picture, then the links on this page allow you to read more detailed information and examine the evidence for yourself.
This site still needs a lot more information adding but for the time being I need to use what rare opportunities I get to correct all the typos and remove all the repetition.
Please bear with me and take in enough to realise how easily you can help by signing my online petition (available by clicking on the blue panel on the left of this page) and by making others aware of my plight.

This page comprises the following sections:

1. Why I am hiding from the government
2. How you can help me
3. How this all began
4. List of Lies
5. Other Information

1. Why I am hiding from the government

Numerous death threats have been attributed to me.
These false allegations have been used to wrongly prosecute me and to wrongly detain and treat me in a secure unit.
I ask the UK government to listen to their own recordings and act in an appropriate manner if what I claim is true.

This link describes one really straightforward case of perjury just to start you off and allows you to hear a recording which they have already heard and ignored...

I have plenty more complaints than that but this is an example of what is being ignored.
Lancashire Police have been throwing unprecedented resources into trying to find me and silence me for fear I will force my intentionally deaf, dumb and blind government to stop playing silly beggers and do what it's supposed to do (for a change).

Intelligence recieved in mid may suggests local police officers still have the mindset that it is OK for them to sit about thinking up new charges to press.
This is outrageous. My information couldn't be any better.
These numbskulls need telling: to p1ss off and stop thinking up new charges and also that walls have ears.
This link describes charges brought so far...

The proper authority to investigate complaints such as mine is PHSO (the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman)
PHSO have been insisting they don't yet understand my complaint (even after all this time).
They ignore all complaints such as mine.

The complaint has dragged on this long in my case because standard practice (detain and silence the complainer) has not been possible due to my knowing what was coming and going into hiding.
Victims are normally rounded up quickly and "treated" for "delusions of illtreatment" (by those who they accuse) in what I refer to as the NHS's secure "customer complaints wards".
Thus successfully concluding the complaint without even needing to give it a case number.

PHSO say they can't look at my website or read my emails because there is too much to read and they don't feel it is relevent.
They say this for legal reasons as (in their view) it means they can later deny knowing what my complaint was.
I suggest witnesses they can talk to and evidence they can inspect. They ignore my suggestions.

Since even asfar back asaugust 2012, I have been suggesting central government needs to investigate this problem but they refuse (for no better reason than it is not in the newspapers).
I have pointed out that PHSO can not afford to be successful in investigating my complaint yet they act daft and ignore most of my mail while referring it back to PHSO and CQC in a loop on rare occasions where they have felt unnerved by the protests of third parties.
They feel passing my complaint to those who are clearly ignoring it will cover themselves.
I have never had one single reply from the Secretary of State's office or the PM's office. Even PHSO and CQC did not reply to most mail and ignored me for months on end at times.
Central government may have sent standard meaningless replies to my home address but I don't even see these as these will have been intercepted by local police fearing I have a response and once opened they will be discarded as evidence of their opening my mail.
Since August 7th 2012, Lancashire Constabulary have been regularly in and out of my house (without warrants) like a pack of raccoons in a dumpster outside a McDonalds.
If the truth of this is exposed then PHSO, Lancashire Constabulary and now central government too would face serious criticism for either knowingly suppressing this scandal all this time (or else if they wish to plead incompetence) being mind bogglingly incompetent in not understanding even just one single strand of my complaint.
CQC (the Care Quality Commission) are in a similar if not worse position.
Rather than deal with a case of perjury I cited in a phone conversation to them on the 1st August 2012 they instead chose to do the same thing themselves with that conversation.
They claimed that in that conversation 1st of August 2012 I had threatened to randomly attack members of the public and had also said I would enter a government building with explosives strapped to my body and blow myself up.
I know what you are thinking: they wouldn't do that because it is so easy to disprove.
Not if they use a little known law which gives the NHS the right to refuse to hand over a recording of the call it isn't!
This is my mail demanding the recording and you can see their mail at the bottom of the mail where they casually tell me they've decided not to hand it over...

Not if they are assured by Lancashire Constabulary that I will not be allowed to defend myself in court on account of being locked in a secure unit drugged up while it all happens with a tame lawyer off the hospital's list of recommended lawyers saying I am guilty when I told him I was innocent.
That is exactly what has happened to me now on two occasions where the government has had undue sway over how much business my solicitors get and where their pleas of "guilty" are all that can be heard while I am refused the right to speak in my own defence.

Nobody normally believes the victim because it is just sounds too far fetched to be real.
When I tell people in my town what is said about me they assume I am imagining it because they know such claims would be untrue and can't believe local government would be so wicked.
Also, to my amazement, they have their own unspecified problems which leave them too busy to look at my website and check the facts.

If the police ever manage to lay their hands on me, I will be taken into custody on any pretext they can think of.
I will then be introduced to a psychiatrist who will be asked if I should be held under the provisions of the Mental Health Act.
He will be given false information on which to base his decision.
Once they have that rubberstamping, I will be conveyed to Chorley or Blackburn and begin undergoing treatment for a mental illness I don't have.

There, I will sustain brain damage.

The following link uses an email from a perfectly sane member of the public to demonstrate a simple logical deduction as a reason to fear treatment if the police catch me...


I was just the one that got away.
I lasted nine months on the run and though this wasn't long enough to get anyone to even admit knowing what I was complaining about (with just short of a thousand emails pointing it out to them in plain English) I did get to put this website together.
It may be full of typos and repetitive but unlike all those other victims, I managed to tell you our side of the story.

If you are in any doubt about my prediction then please click here to read about exactly this technique being used August 1st 2012
(This was the third of four visits to my house in a couple of weeks from late July to August 7th)

The four most likely ways this might end are described in this link (some I dread)...

How you can help me

This whole situation only works because nobody ever believes the victim.
Signing the petition proves that finally somebody has broken free of that stranglehold and it is a whole bunch of people saying it instead of just the discredited victim.
The five different government departments I have approached all justify refusing to investigate or acknowledge any evidence with the argument:

"well it's just him saying it - isn't it"

No it isn't! - Not this time mate!

Please click on the blue panel and sign for me
Petition - Admit that the case against John Morley is malicious slander - GoPetition

This link shows a few simple things you can do to help me.
Without your help I am screwed.

The events of the bank holiday weekend (4th to the 6th May 2013 show what a couple of people posting on walls on facebook can achieve (as many signatures in three days as I would get in three months).
If on average such people find one point one new campaigners before they tire of campaigning, then this will accelerate and wind up with tens of thousands of signatures.
Please do it and don't stop until they admit to the obvious.

A newspaper will pick this up eventually.

I am ruined even if they relent right now.
They won't relent so easily and I face a grim fate whatever happens.
You can help make this less common by rubbing their noses in this one easy to prove case.

The government (at every level) despair at every new signature.
This is because by signing you are saying to them:

"I don't believe you are telling the truth".

Signing my petition is a quick and easy way to undermine and annoy the very people you most despise without even needing to stand in the cold holding a placard - So do it now!

3. How this all began

It began with my getting carpet bombed with paperwork by the government as well as every other Tom, Dick and Harry that is allowed to rip people off.
These links give a couple of examples out of many dozens of problems setting the whole thing in motion and being exacerbated rather than helped by what they have done to me...
They are both examples of wrongful prosecution happening in an automatic way which is too common to fight off and correct without dedicating my life to dealing with wrongful prosecutions and never having time to get any work done.



The struggle to get help dealing with such problems as Inland Revenue, Council Tax, Student Loan Company, Department of Works and Pensions, etcetera meant I was forced to approach Mental Health for help as this situation I was in (what I call "book keeper deficiency syndrome") is called "Mild Depression" and is their bag.

I identified a whole raft of services that are in place to help.
I contacted each service myself in mid July 2010 but soon realised they (due to limited resources and large demand) would be evasive and refuse to act unless mental health said I had mild depression.

So I had no choice but to get tangled up with mental health. I was loathed to do so as nobody wants to be called a mental patient unnecessarily and many of my friends (including a mental health nurse) had warned me not to get involved with these people.

After a long battle, I finally found out they had diagnosed me as a workshy scrounger with no mental health problems other than greediness and laziness.

I was advised by NHS Direct to complain about my local mental health team in 2011. It was suggested that this would be a good way of getting me seen by a different team as it was policy to give you a different team if you were complaining about your local team. I put in my complaint in June but there was a refusal to let me see a different team.
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust dealt with my complaint of 2011 by diagnosing me as a highly dangerous psychotic behind my back.
One minute they say I have no mental health problems and the next they are telling a tribunal I have been a dangerous psychotic for almost a decade.
Not just any old psychotic but one who is "particularly dangerous to women" (though I have never raised my hand to a woman in my life).

I am now officially so dangerous that three cars full of police are needed to pull over any vehicle thought to contain me (despite my being a skinny computer programmer with glasses.

4. List of Lies

A few of the items I am complaining about...
I hope I just need to point out the odd obvious problem with the case against me and remind you that the authorities are fully aware of each instance (and more) and do nothing (because they feel nobody is looking)
The case against me is malicious slander intended to support a false diagnosis.

This link describes one really straightforward case of perjury just to start you off...

This link describes another manufactured death threat as well as the threat of a terrorist style attack...

This link describes how easy it was to ascribe alcohol problems to me even though everybody knows I don't drink.

This link gives an analysis of another instance of perjury from the same tribunal...

This link gives an analysis of one possible reason for the previous slander as well as why they wouldn't want it looking at too closely...

This site covers plenty of other instances of perjury, regular malicious slander and other malicious acts.

5. Other Information

This link summarises my current complaint in an email to the PM's office.

This link describes the role played by various parts of government including Lancashire Constabulary, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman's Office, etcetera

Last Wishes: A quick rundown of what I want done in the aftermath of all this if I run out of places to hide.

The following link is the transcript of a letter to someone who urges me to hand myself in.
There is only one thing on my file which makes me sound mad and which is not made up out of thin air.
This letter tries to explain it to her and to convince this skeptical lady and others that local government do not infact want what's best for me.

This diagnosis (if allowed to stand) will cause supposed mental health "Treatment" to be dispensed as a punishment.

What has happened to me is a violation of Article 5 1 (right to liberty and security) and Article 8 (right to protection of private life) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Namely that they are obliged to provide adequate legal safeguards concerning administering forced treatment and detention.

This link shows what I have put together so far as a submission to the European Court of Human Rights...

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